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From Megan - Founder

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Megan Seccull - Founder

Megan with her Board of Directors

Megan with her Board of Directors

As founder of Little Folks in Fur Coats. I’m passionate about animals, and think of my three dogs and cat, as my children, who just happen to have four legs and a fur coat.

I’m a mother of four, two-legged children, and also a volunteer worker at an animal shelter. I am committed to finding happy outcomes and ‘forever homes’ for the animals that cross our shelter’s threshold and educating people on responsible pet ownership.

There is nothing like the joy of seeing a previously unwanted animal become a much loved pet and go to a home where it will live in a safe and caring environment, be cherished, protected and showered in love. And in return, your new family member will provide companionship, joy and unconditional love.

The flip side of this rewarding work is the state of some of the animals when they are rescued or surrendered; I’ve seen some things that I just can’t un-see: no matter how much I wish to. But ultimately, that is what drives me to strive to make a real difference to these animals’ lives.

Little Folks in Fur Coats, the Doggie Diary and Kitty Chronicle came about as a direct result of my work with families adopting a ‘fur baby’.
My aim with these complete record books, is to ensure that all their vital information is recorded regularly so your little folk stay happy and healthy. There is also the wonderful opportunity to capture all the treasured moments of your babies life.

On my side, I want to be able to give financial support, as well as my time, to helping animals, so I donate 10% of all profits from the sale of the books to animal welfare.

I hope that you share my passion, that you love your Doggie Diary or Kitty Chronicle and that in some small way, we can make a difference to the lives of our ‘Little Folks in Fur Coats’.