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I got my Ziggy Piggy back

Megan Seccull

I am a failed foster mum!

 I am trying desperately  to save every unwanted and unloved dog in the world one at a time and so far have had a great record of fostering and then finding the right forever home without getting too attached, well maybe a little tear every now and again.

……then  I met Ziggy – the little white Jack Russell X, came into the shelter and into my heart when he was just 2 months old. Being so little I took him home to nurse him after his operation and the little bugger stole my heart. Trying to be strong and rational I decided he would be a great fit for my in-laws, so I packed his little bag and hat and off he went to his new home.

However with much regret, on their behalf, they returned him to me after 3 days because Bonnie their old psychotic cat couldn’t cope.

I was so happy to have him back terrorising us that I thought its time I made it legal and admitted my foster mum failure to the shelter and make the adoption official. Ziggy Piggy was now mine to love forever!

Then the cat DIED!

I had no choice, they wanted him so much and I tried to justify to myself all the pros of letting him go back to them, like how many other foster dogs I could help and I would still see him etc. etc.

SoI cried myself to sleep each night, racked with regret, I missed him so much. Their happiness was my utter sadness.

Then one day he came for a play day and I whispered in his ear; “if you want to come home to me just be as naughty as you can” So short of him digging up the dead cat in their back yard, he did everything else from chewing doors, pooping  and peeing in their exceptionally clean house and running away in the other direction when he was called. The absolute clincher came when he backed himself up to the wall, behind a door and pooped and as planned they didn’t find it for days, when it had set hard. So with aching bones and a recently replaced hipthey got down low to clean the mess and the paint came off the wall with all the scraping. All the while Ziggy had a very amused, stupid grin on his face -  Mission accomplished he was coming home.

The tearful journey to return him back where he belonged was filled with concern that Ziggy was going to be sad and mourn for them.  They were heard to say, “ he is probably going to chase us down the driveway when we leave”. Well as soon as he was out of the car, he ran to the grass and did his business, whilst looking over his shoulder with a look that said – I really am toilet trained, so up yours! Dogs only have gestures to express their wishes and I don’t think his words could have been screamed any louder if he could speak.

Ziggy Piggy has made me the happiest failure ever!